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Revolution Aotearoa | Wall Plaque - Tohora

Revolution Aotearoa | Wall Plaque - Tohora

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A stylized Maori art representation of Kakahi (Orca / Killer Whale) that showcases this incredible apex predator renowned for its commanding presence, speed and unmatched agility, enabling it to traverse vast oceanic territories. Within Maori culture, the Kakahi holds deep significance, symbolizing protection, unity, and leadership.

Comprised of engraved and layered design elements, drawing inspiration from traditional kawhaiwhai patterns and Moko (Maori tattoo), this piece harmoniously blends tradition with a contemporary touch, resulting in a piece that is both current and aesthetically authentic.

Proudly made in Aotearoa, NZ. 

DIMENSIONS: 168 mm x 240 mm x 12 mm
MATERIAL: Laminated Wood Veneer

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