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Opito Bay Salt Smoked Chilli Sea Salt

Opito Bay Salt Smoked Chilli Sea Salt

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With awards up the wazoo, Opito Bay is fast becoming a cult favourite on the Coromandel, so we're restocking all your favourite flavours here at Cove.

This one's sourced locally from sustainably grown Manzano chillies. The Chillies are carefully smoked and then blended with Opito Bay's delicious Natural sea salt. This combination will have you reaching for your BBQ... Combining the pungent, spicy aroma of smoked chillies with OB's original hand harvested sea salt you won’t be able to stop sprinkling this blend on everything!

Try with: BBQ food, slow cooked meats, grilled chicken, salad or salad dressing, fajitas, tacos, avocado smash.

Ingredients: Opito Bay Sea salt, smoked Manzano chillies

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