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Redmore Books - Sing Like a Unicorn

Redmore Books - Sing Like a Unicorn

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AUTHOR: Jeremy Redmore

What happens if you let a giant fluffy unicorn take you on an adventure with its animal friends to tell you about the power of being your authentic self? The only way to answer that question is by reading the debut children's book from award-winning New Zealand musician Jeremy Redmore and illustrator Jason Crowley — Sing Like A Unicorn.

Sing Like A Unicorn is a read-aloud picture book for children aged 3-7 that's wholly inspired by the idea that inside each of us is a completely unique individual that can be happier, more fulfilled and make the world a better place through embracing their originality. And one of the easiest and most fun ways to do that is by singing!

Former Midnight Youth frontman Jeremy Redmore's sweet and simple story has been placed within a visual wonderland by illustrator Jason Crowley; who brings a semi-fluffy and rather large unicorn to life in a land full of weird and wondrous creatures.

Check out the amazing debut children's song and sing along HERE

DIMENSIONS: 203 mm x 255 mm x 2.5 mm
BIND: Paperback - Lay-flat, limpbound, section-sewn,
ISBN: 9780473611064

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