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Potter for the Planet Jasmine Teapot- Angelic

Potter for the Planet Jasmine Teapot- Angelic

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Pottery for the Planet is taking over our shelves at Cove.

These Australian designed Ceramic Teapots have been handmade for all of the tea lovers out there!
Their handmade Jasmine Ceramic Teapot features a sleek low-rise design, finished with a copper/brass handle. The Jasmine Ceramic Teapot will be a treasured piece of pottery in your home for years to come.
All Pottery For The Planet Ceramic Teapots are handmade and one of a kind. The Australian designed Ceramic Teapot features a big handle for maximum pouring comfort and a macramé cord attached to the lid so you'll never lose it!

You will receive a handmade pottery teapot similar to those pictured, but no two are the same, with variations in size, colour and markings - making them unique! 
All Pottery For The Planet handmade teapots are made of ceramic and must be handled with care. We high-fire all of our pottery pieces for added durability, however ceramic will crack if knocked or dropped.
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