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Forage & Bloom Glass Tea Cup + Infuser

Forage & Bloom Glass Tea Cup + Infuser

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Support local while calming your nerves, with the gorgeous FORAGE + BLOOM at Cove.

F+B's signature glass tea cup + infuser makes loose leaf brewing easy for everyday wellness. 

A beautiful standalone glass cup, an infuser, a fitted lid to ensure you achieve the best brew, and something to sit your infuser on when you're done - all in one. Remove the hassle that comes with fiddly strainers or large teapots, and experience the convenience of loose leaf brewing at home.

Made from high quality, durable, heat resistant glass and stainless steel, this set is designed to last. Dishwasher safe too, because living well doesn't need to be complicated. 

How to use:

  • Add your favourite loose leaf tea to the infuser, sitting inside the cup
  • Add a little bit of cold water to the herbs, then pour over boiled water to desired level
  • To capture the aromatics, place lid on the cup and infuse for 3-5 minutes, or infuse without the lid if you prefer
  • Remove lid and infuser, placing the infuser in the upside down lid, keeping everything mess free
  • To re-brew, pop the infuser back into the cup and repeat the process
  • Enjoy 1-3 refills of your delicious tea!


Why loose leaf tea instead of tea bags?

We choose loose leaf tea for good reason. By honouring the traditional art of herbal tea in its original form, we are also protecting the environment and our health.

Loose leaf means less packaging and no added nasties that are often found in teabags (bleaches, glues, microplastics and more). 

Pure, therapeutic quality organic herbs, without exception.

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