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Ashley & Co Awoof Wash - Doug, Dug & Dug 500ml

Ashley & Co Awoof Wash - Doug, Dug & Dug 500ml

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Treat your pup to the best care with Ashley & Co, now at Cove.

A dog is man’s best friend, especially when clean!

This 100% natural formulation is loaded with beneficial plant-based oils and extracts that cleanse and soothe pup’s coat, retaining its natural doggy goodness.

Botanicals and essential oils, Chamomile, Pineapple Extract and Bark Oil have been carefully selected not only for scent, but to deliver the most beneficial, nourishing and protective qualities–low-irritant and soothing for dog’s skin and kind to owners hands too.

Celebrate the sniff! A dig in the Rhubarb patch, a brush against the Rose bush, a rumble amongst the Irises beneath the Crab Apple tree. Naturally freshly scented for those with a keen nose.

500ml, Certified Natural Fragrance

Ashley & Co Awoof Wash - Doug, Dug & Dug 500ml

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