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Tania Tupu Earrings - Weave Stick - Long - Sky

Tania Tupu Earrings - Weave Stick - Long - Sky

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Weaving together earrings. A long slender design representing Hineteiwaiwa the goddess of the house of weaving. 

The principal goddess of Te Whare Pora is Hineteiwaiwa, who represents the arts pursued by women and is also the goddess of childbirth. 

Te Whare Pora a special building reserved for weaving. A place traditionally where weavers would receive knowledge of the arts of weaving through karakia. 

Wearable handcrafted 3-dimensional lengthy resin stick bead. Two toned 3 Dimensional weave design.

DIMENSIONS: 60 mm (L) x 5 mm (W) x 4 mm (D)
HOOKS: Sterling Silver

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