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Nudi Point Pure Essential Oil Blends - Smile

Nudi Point Pure Essential Oil Blends - Smile

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We love Nudi Point's 100% natural products for the mind, body, and soul - bringing balance and self care to your every day.

Essential oils are a concentrated mixture of natural and aromatic compounds obtained from plant material — flowers, buds, seeds, leaves, twigs, bark, herbs, wood, fruit, and roots.

Essential oils are typically created by steam-distilling the entire plant into a concentrated liquid. They also sometimes are made by cold-pressing the plant.

Unlike cheaper, synthetic essential oils, Nudi Point blends 100 per cent NATURAL Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils - to harness the full power of Mother Nature's raw, naturally extracted ingredients.

Natural essential oils are derived from a real plant. The prices are naturally higher than those of the synthetic ones. 

Nudi Point is proud to commit and promise to only EVER using 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.


Depression affects tens of millions of people around the world, and although we make no claim essential oils are the cure, we can confidently look back on historical reports of certain oils helping to improve your mood, relieve anxiety, reduce stress, restore balance and improve wellbeing. This blend has been carefully selected to help you smile again.

Ingredients: Pure Essential Oils of Bergamot, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Lavender, Vanilla & Spearmint.

Directions: Use 2-5 drops in an oil burner or diffuser as required.


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