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Forage & Bloom EBT 15gm

Forage & Bloom EBT 15gm

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Support local while calming your nerves, with the gorgeous FORAGE + BLOOM at Cove.

EBT is a signature Forage + Bloom tea; full body, rich, and sustaining.

Premium English Breakfast Tea *Camellia sinensis

A beautiful, sophisticated and satisfying strong black tea
*Contains caffeine

Savoury, malty, floral undertones, full body, lightly astringent, lively 

    Antioxidant, digestive, stimulates metabolism

    Hot: 1tsp per 250mls at 90˚C / Infuse 3-5 mins / Enjoy 1-3 refills
    Iced: 2tsp per 250mls at 90˚C / Infuse 6-8 hrs Strain, bottle, keep in fridge for up to 72hrs

    F+B tea boxes are fully recyclable, and inside you'll find the tea is packaged in natureflex home compostable bags made from GMO (GE) free timber cellulose, and labeled with paper stickers.

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