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Ashley & Co Christmas 2023 - Hello Hands - Tui & Kahili

Ashley & Co Christmas 2023 - Hello Hands - Tui & Kahili

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Have a very fragrant Christmas at Cove, with these gorgeous Ashley & Co gift packs.

And everyone's favourite scent - the tropical but soft, Tui & Kahili. 

The ideal cleanse and soothe set, perfect for precious hands. Washup is a botanical hand wash, ideal for use anytime/every day. Partnered with Soothe Tube, an ultra-hydrating hand cream, hands will feel and smell heavenly. Tui & Kahili’s captivating scent emanates heady, tropical notes of Wild Spreading Ginger, Delicate Lily, and a dash of Ylang Ylang.

- 500ml Washup
- 75ml Soothe Tube

Tui & Kahili:
Delicate Lily, Wild Ginger, Mimosa, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang.

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